International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer (IJAFRC)

International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer (IJAFRC) is a scholarly peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary International scientific journal which is currently published Bi-monthly. The purpose of this Journal is to provide an open forum to publish original high quality research papers in the areas of computer science, computer engineering, and computer systems to promote the exchange of research ideas, experiences and results. In the near future, it hopes to be recognized by and included in several well-known international indexes.

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Volume 2, Special Issue NCRTIT 2015.

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Load Rebalancing for Distributed File Systems in Clouds.

Smita Salunkhe, S. S. Sannakki

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A Survey on Digital Image Watermarking.

Pranesh Kulkarni, S. S. Sannakki

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Classification of Pomegranate Diseases Based on Back Propagation Neural Network

S. S. Sannakki, V. S. Rajpurohit

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An Approach for Detection and Classification of Leaf Spot Diseases Affecting Pomegranate Crop

S. S. Sannakki, V. S. Rajpurohit

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Literature Survey On Syntax Parser For English Language Using Grammar Rules.

Shraddha Anantpure, Hinal Jain, Neha Alhat, Smita Bhor, Prof. Shanti Guru

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Fuzzy Inventory Model for Time-Varying Demand with Time Dependent Deterioration.

Dr R . Mohan*, S. Petricia Leema Roseline

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Secure Key Generation For Publisher/Subscriber Module In Broker Less System.

Pravin Parandwal, Ravindra Ramole, Samir Zinjade

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Encryption of  Images by Random Grids : An Overview

1=Prof. Kapil Tajane,Prof. Rahul Pitale,Mr. Mayur Tajane

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A Survey Of Sentiment Analysis On Big Data

Yousuf Syed, Vishal Sonawane, Raghav Gupta, Harsha Mare, Mahesh Pawaskar.

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Review On Incremental Encrypted Backup For Cloud

Rohini Ghenand, Pooja Kute, Swapnil Shinde, Amit Shinde, Mahesh Pavaskar, Shitalkumar Jain

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Gaze Based Learning and Access for Search Engine

Mr.Dinesh Bodewar,  Mr.Yogesh Bande, Mr.Prasad Telkikar, Ms. Sayali Meshram

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IBS: Enforcing Secure and Privacy-Preserving Information Brokering in Distributed Information Sharing

Mrs. Sapana Borole, Mrs. Disha Sharma, Ms. Priyanka Desai, Ms. Priyanka Kau, Ms.Swapnali Manohar, Mr. Vikram Yadav.

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A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls.

Bhushan Jagtap,Rahul Rathod,Vitthal Anpat,Utsav, Mrs. Amita Jajoo

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A Study on Advanced Security Techniques to Provide Security for Social Networking as Data Mining

Jayant S. Rohankar

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Recommendation System And Search System Using SOLR

Ankit Kodalikar, Sourabh Bhavsar, Sujata Suhag

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Python Based Software Complexity Calculator using Halstead Metrics.

Mrs. Dipti Y. Pawade*, Mr. Mehul Metha, Mr. Karan Shah, Ms. Jasmi Rathod

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Overview of Secure Mining in Horizontally Distributed Databases.

1Sharad Bhojane ,2Prof. B.P. Kolhe

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Automatic Animal Detection And Warning System.

Sajid Shaikh1, Mayur Jadhav2,Naveen Nehe3 and Prof. Usha Verma4.

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Computer Based Object Oriented Analysis And Design From Requirement Specification.

Ms. Snehal Sarangi, Anil Shimpee, Suvidhya Lohar

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Dynamic Webpage Segmentation Implemented Using Hybrid Approach on Proxy Server.

Abhishek   Yadav, Ashish Thete, Durgesh Parlewar, Sachin Thaware, Shubhangi Kale

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Secure Server Verification Using Visual Cryptography.

Dnyaneshwari Thakur, Pritee Zingare, Suhel Shaikh, Sumedh Daundkar,Mrs Kavitha.S

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Self Determining Trustworthiness of Peer to Peer Networks for Online Networking Activities.

Sukanya Gunjal, Sonam Hadawale, Sonali Thorat, Prof.Prutha Ardhapure

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Modes of Visual Secret Sharing.

Monica Khedkar, Jyoti Patil, Ashwini Kamble, Prof. Ratanraj

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Efficient User Revocation In Cloud Using Proxy Server.

Yogesh Belekar, Madhukar Verma, Pappu Tormal

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Reserving Room Before Encryption of Images & Videos For Reversible Data Hiding.

Supriya Bhalekar, Aakanksha Jumle, Kamesh Gangawani, Ratnaraj Kumar

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