International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer (IJAFRC)

International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer (IJAFRC) is a scholarly peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary International scientific journal which is currently published Bi-monthly. The purpose of this Journal is to provide an open forum to publish original high quality research papers in the areas of computer science, computer engineering, and computer systems to promote the exchange of research ideas, experiences and results. In the near future, it hopes to be recognized by and included in several well-known international indexes.

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Volume 2, Special Issue NCRTIT 2015.

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Enhanced Intrusion Detection EAACK System For Detection And Prevention For MANET.

Snehal Bhosale, Neha Nakhate, Nutan Salunkhe, Nilkanth Patil

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A Review on Face Recognition based Attendance System

Sandeep Tiwari,Priyanka More,Diksha Deshpande,Jayendra Singh Patel

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Allegro Player-Adaptive Equalizer Based on Emotion Recognition.

Sidhant Dev Gupta, Ankur Misra, Pratiksha Chute, Neha Nayak

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From Traditional to Improved methods in Visual cryptography Scheme

Swati S, Priya Ithape

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Content Based Lecture Video Retrieval using Video Text Information.

Bhagyashri Babhale, Kaumudinee Ibitkar, Priyanka Sonawane, Renuka Puntambekar

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Clustering Of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: An Novel Approach For Black Hole Prevention.

Ms. Veena K Lalbeg ,Mr. S.S.Sannakki

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Information Security Threats

Mrs. Geetanjali Sharma, Mr. Manoj Kumar

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Incremental Critiquing a Modern Approach in Recommender System

Milind Munde, Sachin Pawar, Nikhil Kshirsagar, Rajdeep Sharma, Mrs. S. Barve

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New Android Application for Smart Home System.

Ragini Rane, Sejal Patel, Rakhi Phutane, Shrinivas Halhalli

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Cloud with Mobile Application & Android OS

Mrs. Rashmi A.Bajad

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Wi-Fi Calling Using Android Phones.

Mr.Dnyaneshwar Bhusari,  Mr. Gaurav Mokase, Mr. Prasad Waghmare, Ms. Kundan Kumar

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Literature Survey On Cloud Data Recovery Techniques.

Mrs. D. A Phalke, Onkar Kulkarni, Abhijit Fulsagar ,HarishRane, Ajinkya Chothave

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Employee Development and Its Affect on Employee Performance

Mr. M.V. Lanjekar

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Review of Mapping the Feedback Session to Infer User Goals using Web History

Kalyani Dongare1, Pooja Tawade2, Shaila Daundkar3, Sapna Handoo4, Palak Tolani5

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Authentication System Using Sound Signature and Graphical Password.

Mrunmayee R. Gosavi, Kanchan K. Mangalgire, Nilam P. Nandawadekar,Komal P. Phadatare, Mrs. Amita Jajoo

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Multi-bit Adaptive Embedding Algorithm for Anti- Forensic Steganography

Mr. Kolambkar Sudinvinayak, Mr. Ingawale Mahadev Rajan, Mrs. Belagali P. P.

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System Framework for Salient Motion Detection in a Video Signals

Mr. Ingawale Mahadev Rajanmr. Kolambkar Sudin Vinayak, Mrs. Patil A. P.

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Android Trackster & WorkBag

Neha Chavan, Aishwarya Bhujbal,Amey Pandit, Hardik Mohekar, Sapana Borole

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Spy Monitoring System For Security Of Important Data Over The Network.

Miss. Shriya Nandeshwar, Miss. Amruta Bhoyar, Miss. Ankita Nandurkar

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Mac Based License Generation.

Hitesh Chinchore, Mahesh Pise, Tanay Umathe, Ravindra Narsale,Mrs. Amita Jajoo

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Android Based Health Monitoring System

Mahesh Londhe, Sandip Vandre, Atul Narote, Amol Nirmal, Sumit Khandelwal

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Bio-Inspired Node Localization In Wireless Sensor Network For Disaster Management: An Overview

Pragati Rokade, Mukta Andhale , Payal Kalokhe ,Mrs. S. S. Jadhav

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Literature Survey On Ontology Based Knowledge Extraction Using Functionalities Of Jena For Semantic Web.

Mrs. D.A. Phalke ,Miss Deepti V. Pokharkar ,Miss Sayali B. Sabale, Miss Vrinda Agrawal,Mr. Samir Kutty

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Eye Tracking Mouse for Human Computer Interaction.

Suwarna Kane, Shilpa Makane, Snehal Agawane, Bhagyashri Kute.

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ORUTA: Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Shared Data in the Cloud

Suman Kumari, Nikita Patil ,Chandan Patil, Jayshree Ladi, Manashree Pandit, Sapana Sinare

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