International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer (IJAFRC)

International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer (IJAFRC) is a scholarly peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary International scientific journal which is currently published Bi-monthly. The purpose of this Journal is to provide an open forum to publish original high quality research papers in the areas of computer science, computer engineering, and computer systems to promote the exchange of research ideas, experiences and results. In the near future, it hopes to be recognized by and included in several well-known international indexes.

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Volume 2, Special Issue NCRTIT 2015.

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Software Quality Appraisal Using Multi-Criteria Decision Approach.

Disha Sengupta , Vishnupriya.G.S.

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P2P Attribute Based Communication In Mobile Adhoc Network Over Wi-Fi.

Sonakshi Khandelwal,Ajay Patel,Gulzar Shikalgar,Akshay Tamhane,Kalyan Bamane

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Ameliorated Methodology For The Design Of Project Data Flow Diagram.

Mr. Anilkumar Hulsure

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A Survey on Remotely Accessing Data Using Mobile Devices.

C. A. Ohol, S. S. Jain, G. M. Shelke, M. S.Sathe

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Develop Hybrid Cost Estimation Model For Software Applications.

Sagar K. Badjate,Umesh K. Gaikwad

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Extraction Of Business Event And Temporal Constrains From Contracts.

Madhuri Bodake,Sonali Shinde, Vidya Ranpise

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Data Hiding In Image Using Chaotic And Henon Map

Akarsh Kapasi, Shrikant Kunte, Snehal Sarangi

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Secure Privacy-Preserving Cloud Services.

Abhaya Ghatkar, Reena Jadhav, Renju Georgekutty, Avriel William, Amita Jajoo

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Adaptive Spammer Detection at the Source Network

Kiran Jadhav, Chetan Gawande, Yaqub Patel, Shrinivas Halhalli.

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A Simple Text-Based Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Password Scheme.

Nikam Archana, Bhujbal Tejshri, Warpe Santosh.

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A Review On An Android Application For Summarizing Corporate Data To Enable Decision Making

Harikrishnan Pillai, Aditya Balapurkar, Mayur Agroya, Palak Tolani

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Automatic Synchronizing Control of a Microgrid

Jayesh  M. Suryawanshi , Sunil T. Gaikwad.

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Literature Review One On Integrating Feedback Sessions for Understanding Client Request Objective

Shivanand Phulari*, Pooja Narke , Ashwini Jadhav,Rani Kankate

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Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud Storage Using Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem

Pallavi Bachute , Ashwini Banger , Pallavi Adak

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Android Checkpoint/Restart Using Lightweight Mobile Virtulization.

Abhishek Dubey, Nilesh Chate, Mayank Tripathi, Vijay Bais, Amar More

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Terrain Classification for Autonomous Vehicular Motion

Ms. Payal Gokhale, Mr. Ankur Khangaonkar

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Challenges in Building MIMO Testbeds

1Kajal Shinde, 2Sabha Girgaon, 3Abhishek Yewle, 4Mayur U.

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Consistency as a Service: Auditing Cloud Consistency

Nilesh Shinde, Shriram Mahamuni,Harshvardhan Kalsait

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Intrusion Detection System For Virtual Images In Private Cloud Using Eucalyptus.

Ajinkya More, Chetan Maral, Sourabh Berde, Swaraj Chaudhari, Mr. Mayur S Patil

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Wavelet based automatic fabric defect detection

Mr. Vaibhav V. Karlekar, Prof. M. S. Biradar

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Allocation Of Project Paper To Expert Based On Ontology Text-mining Approach And Provide Notification To Client Through Mailing.

Ashwini Bankar, Snehal Pawar, Siddhi Shirgaonkar, Sunayana Shelukar, Ashwini Bamanekar

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Meaningful Shares Through Visual Cryptography For Better Security Of Images During Transmission

Jyoti Rao1, Dr. Vikram Patil2

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Smart Lab Using SaaS Technology

Sanjay Motwani , Gururaj Kulkarni , Mitul Jagushte

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A Herustic Framework  For Load Balancing In Distributed System

Nayan Dafal, Renuka Kale,Sonal Nanekar, Rupali Pacharne,Mr.Rajesh Bharati

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Detection Of IP Spoofing Attacks By Using  IP Traceback Scheme.

Pooja Padamwar, Kavita Kurhe, Kiran Bhise, Sneha Botre

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Effective User Navigation through Website Structure Improvement.

Dipak Satao , Kiran Sonawane , Dhananjay Shinde , Vikas Pawane

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Survey on Automatic Plant Leaf Classification On Mobile Field Guide.

Snehal Shejwal, Prachi Nikale, Ashwini Datir, Ashwini Kadus, Pratik Badhe

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Kinematic Study Of Orthogonal Manipulator.

Kommuri Krishna Dheeraj, Swapnil Sinha

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